Good thing this isn’t a broadcast system…

My husband and I have been trying to buy a house. It’s stressful and we feel like the scum of the earth because we’re not swimming in money and simply can’t compete with bids that go $50-$100K over listing price. We feel poor as we watch houses we love sell at a price much higher than appraised value, for cash and with no contingencies. Apparently we’re getting reamed by investors in other countries who have piles of cash and are happy to turn around and rent these properties for $3000/mo. Ouch. All we can do is try to be ready to move quick and schedule tours within a day or two of listing and hope it doesn’t go into a bidding war if the sellers decide to review all offers on a specific date. Which brings me to what I wanted to share…

In hopes of actually finding a home before I’m of retirement age, I get instant notifications from the Redfin app and emails from a number of Real Estate agencies. Last night I noticed I had gone a full 3.5 hours(!) without a single notification, which seemed odd. Also, no emails at all. None. Not even from, like, Old Navy. I thought for a moment that my gmail wasn’t working so I sent my husband an email to see if he would receive it and if I would get a response.

Sent email text: “This is a test”

Reply: “icle”

I literally shot snot OUT OF MY NOSE.

Let this be a lesson to everyone out there–even when you’re stressed and hate yourself for not being able to do the one thing you set out to accomplish and your husband is STILL working after 9pm and isn’t pleased about it, testicles will always be funny. Always.


Welcome to the Circus

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog for a long time. I started one recently and pretty promptly let it die. It was meant to be a food blog aimed at sharing some easy and delicious recipes. But, as I can’t be bothered to measure out anything I use and don’t feel like buying a fancy camera and becoming a food photographer, it was not meant to be. Oh well.

As I sit here and procrastinate things I should be doing (folding the laundry that’s been piled on the guest bed since, I dunno, mid-2014) I’ve been checking out facebook and reading random blogs. Two things I have noticed: 1) nothing on facebook seems real–everything for everyone is perfect excepting a few funny anecdotes about someone’s kid that’s really more of a story about what an adorable and precocious child they have, and 2) some blogs are really honest and funny–even about those moments in life that really just go awry or get away from you. I prefer the picture of life presented by the blogs.

So, I’ve just decided, this blog is just going to be about my day (or week, or month, or how ever often I decide to post) and the random thoughts that go through my head. Maybe some serious, probably a lot that’s not, but mostly just my thoughts run amok.

Allow me to welcome you into my own personal circus.