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Run Trillian from a USB drive

I’ve been using PortableApps and Trillian Pro for years, but there is no official way to run Trillian from a USB stick. So I did some digging a while back and got it working. Setup I’m using my Microsoft Account to log into a 64-bit Windows 8 PC, so if you’re using something different the […]


Windows 8.1 Preview

I upgraded my main PC to the preview today to Build 9431. It took quite a while to complete. I saw a bluescreen for a split second somewhere during the install. I have a folder called Windows.old on my C: drive that’s ~4.5GB in size. Problems I couldn’t unlock my Bitlock’d eSATA backup drive — […]


batch convert PDN images to PNG

Grab¬†pdn2png Drop the exe from the zip into a folder with all your .PDNs Open a command window, navigate to said folder, and run: forfiles /m *.pdn /c “cmd /c pdn2png @file” Different command-line switches can be used to change output options, but this worked for me to quickly convert a folder of 128 2-layer […]