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More stuff added

Check the Photos section for some pics I took while we were in Louisiana for a week, and some from Movie Night the Saturday before we left. I got Drupal up and running on here now. I’ll be comparing it to WordPress. Update on 4/20: I was going to put Movable Type on here to […]


Lamb of God in Spokane!

We got there a little late (had to get gas, drive from Redmond, drop off our stuff in Spokane Valley, eat dinner, and drink Tequila and cerveza in the car first) and missed Gojira and Machine Head. “I previously thought of Trivium as the pussiest metal band, but they fucking rocked.”The show was awesome. We […]


New shit has come to light.

We got tickets for a few upcoming concerts: Lamb of God (with Trivium, Machine Head, and Gojira) in Spokane 3/1, The Blood Brothers (with Celebration and Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death) in Seattle 4/27, Blue Scholars in Seattle 5/12. Going to be awesome. I drove out to Snoqualmie on Saturday and took some […]