YouTube subscriptions feeds in Inoreader

Google used to let you subscribe to a single “newsubscriptionvideos” feed that would populate with new videos from the channels to which a specified user was subscribed. Then YouTube API v3 came out and removed the combined feed feature. Nowadays, each Channel provides its own feed, and while this workaround is not completely automatic, it’s […]

Inoreader’s Integration Options, Pt. 2

In Part One, I looked at a couple image-heavy sites and how they behaved when adding their posts to each of the external services available via Inoreader. This time I’ll look at guitar lessons from a few different places – same as with the previous post, the websites differ and therefore show up differently in […]

Inoreader’s Integration Options, Pt. 1

After Google’s announcement regarding Reader’s impending doom, I spent weeks trying out alternatives, including self-hosted offerings. I eventually settled on Inoreader, after seeing someone recommend it in a comment on a post about Google Reader alternatives. This post is regarding the “integration” options you can see at the top of each post in Column View […]