Minecraft mod development with Forge on Windows 10: Setting up NetBeans

  Back when I was in University I preferred NetBeans for Java development. I recently took University of Finland’s free Java MOOCs and that also happens to be the IDE their code-checking tools use. So I’m used to NetBeans’ quirks and prefer to continue to use it. The official Forge Documentation doesn’t have setup info […]

Minecraft mod development with Forge on Windows 10: Setting up the Java Development Kit

  I’ve been studying Java again lately and decided to look into doing a Minecraft mod as more practice. I’m currently running Windows 10 x64 RTM + latest updates (v1511 build 10586.420). I started following the Getting Started guide in the Forge Documentation and once I got to Step 4 had some issues, so this […]

Gran Turismo 6 – GT Kart Championship 125 (non-shifter) B-Spec guide

The kart races frustrate the hell out of me, so I let my B-Spec driver do them. Use the settings below for each track, tell the driver to Push it Hard! I don’t think it matters (does it?) but I used the Red Bull Racing Kart 125. Race 1 Car Settings / Transmission Reset to […]

PS3 Demos

PS3 demos I’ve played recently with notes on each. echochrome Escher-esque FTW Cool idea. Simple yet good-looking graphics. Not very fun though. Overlord: Raising Hell $59.99 It reminded me of Fable for some reason. Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution $59.99 Probably the simplest of all the Civ games. Also probably the best looking. Nucleus Didn’t care […]

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Sears/UPS rant

June 29, 2000 was the birthday of my eldest niece, Triniti. In celebration of her octennial birthday, a new game in the Guitar Hero series will be released on a Sunday instead of a Tuesday like everything else. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith follows the thirty-plus-year career of famous-for-a-long-time-now-but-their-newer-stuff-is-so-fucking-gay band Aerosmith from when they were an opening […]