I’ve been using EasyEngine to set up WordPress for a while. I found it after struggling to get a MultiUser WordPress site installed the way I wanted. However, there hasn’t been a lot of activity lately, and essentially regarding that, someone in their forums recommended Trellis as an alternative, and it sounded super interesting to […]

Pidgin + Google Apps for Your Domain with 2-factor Authentication

Create an app-specific password for Pidgin: Add a new account in Pidgin: Basic tab: Protocol: Google Talk or XMPP Username: {yourusername} Domain: {yourdomain.tld} Resource: {left blank} Password: {app-specific password} Remember password: Checked Advanced tab: Connection security: Use Old-style SSL Connect port: 443 Connect server: File transfer proxies: (the default) Hat-tip:

Hello Vultr!

I spun up a VPS on Vultr over the Holiday Closure (where legally permissible). I was previously using Digital Ocean but Vultr has a Seattle datacenter, which is decidedly closer than the Bay Area. I imported old blog posts to the new WordPress install, but I’m not really sure how I’m gonna split stuff up […]