YouTube subscriptions feeds in Inoreader

Google used to let you subscribe to a single “newsubscriptionvideos” feed that would populate with new videos from the channels to which a specified user was subscribed. Then YouTube API v3 came out and removed the combined feed feature. Nowadays, each Channel provides its own feed, and while this workaround is not completely automatic, it’s […]

Minecraft mod development with Forge on Windows 10: Setting up NetBeans

  Back when I was in University I preferred NetBeans for Java development. I recently took University of Finland’s free Java MOOCs and that also happens to be the IDE their code-checking tools use. So I’m used to NetBeans’ quirks and prefer to continue to use it. The official Forge Documentation doesn’t have setup info […]

Minecraft mod development with Forge on Windows 10: Setting up the Java Development Kit

  I’ve been studying Java again lately and decided to look into doing a Minecraft mod as more practice. I’m currently running Windows 10 x64 RTM + latest updates (v1511 build 10586.420). I started following the Getting Started guide in the Forge Documentation and once I got to Step 4 had some issues, so this […]

Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Beta 1 in VirtualBox 5.0.2

Background Anymore when it comes to Linux distros I prefer a Debian/Ubuntu base and the MATE (maté) Desktop Environment (again, my desktop Linux distro of choice is Linux Mint MATE edition). Just give me APT + MATE + Firefox, please. Earlier this year I jumped at the chance to try the official MATE spin of […]

Gran Turismo 6 – GT Kart Championship 125 (non-shifter) B-Spec guide

The kart races frustrate the hell out of me, so I let my B-Spec driver do them. Use the settings below for each track, tell the driver to Push it Hard! I don’t think it matters (does it?) but I used the Red Bull Racing Kart 125. Race 1 Car Settings / Transmission Reset to […]

Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Beta 1 in VirtualBox

My distro of choice is Linux Mint MATE edition, so naturally I was excited to hear there is an official MATE spin of Ubuntu. MATE (maté) is a fork of the old GNOME2 desktop environment, with bugfixes and enhancements. Here’s my experience this evening while watching season 9 & 10 of Red vs. Blue.   […]

Sideload Android apps on your Amazon Fire TV Stick

I picked up an Amazon Fire TV Stick during the 2-day Prime preorder discount and received it after everyone else bought theirs at Best Buy for the same price. Overall, it’s a pretty slick device, with a few shortcomings, but it ended up not being super useful at home since I already have a PS3 connected […]